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 “After 30 years of working in major markets, leading sales and marketing teams within IT companies of all sizes, I found one challenge to be common among all companies – SALES! 

For this reason, I founded RVA – A global network of  Sales and Marketing specialists to represent IT firms so they can outsource Sales activities and focus on what they do best – Delivering projects and products.”

Chandra Mouly,
Founder and CEO


Companies choose us because we strive to provide the best possible service whilst keeping costs to a minimum. 

Committed to the delivery of value, without compromise to quality, our trusted and expert services will not only help you to reduce your cost of sales by 30%, but also decrease the risk of investment in sales by 50%.



Results not coming soon enough – The onboarding and integration is a lengthy and expensive process that delays pipeline building. 

Our Sales and Marketing specialists will be on-boarded and integrated into your company within a month. Their individual and professional experiences across vertical markets helps them to start working towards revenue targets instantaneously.

Good Sales Managers are hard to get, harder to retain, while bad ones are the hardest to get rid of.   

All of our associates are highly experienced in the management of IT Sales. We offer a flexible engagement model for quick on-boarding/off-boarding, helping managers to seamlessly integrate into your company without causing disruption.

Our Budget is small to hire a new Sales and Marketing team

Our pricing model is reasonable and proportional to target and realised revenue. By utilising our service, you will reap the benefits of a professional, specialist Sales and Marketing team at only a fraction of the cost!

We don’t have a Sales team or process in place

No Sales team? That’s what we’re here for! We can implement new and innovative Sales processes to establish a Sales engine that generates predictable, quality leads and revenue.


Revenue Generated
Clients Served
Projects Secured
Leads Generated
Products Sold

RVA is proud of our dedicated team of Sales, Marketing, and Technology specialists, strategically located across the world covering the UK, Europe, USA, UAE and Asia.

Our team is knowledgeable, well connected and collaborate seamlessly utilising the latest collaboration tools to successfully complete projects.  



D365 Dubai Summit

On Feb 2020 MindQuad and RVA attended the D365 Dubai, it was the largest ever Dynamics 365 conference to take place in the MEA region

Accelerator and Incubator Program

A panel from China explained their mega Accelerator and Incubator program for AI / ML / Deep tech scaleups and startups.

Opportunities and Challenges in Collaborative Partnerships

RVA had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Opportunities and Challenges in Collaborative Partnerships event