We are a  global, multi-cultural team working together to acquire Clients and manage their relationships on your behalf.

We sell Technology solutions, products and project services with passion.

We constantly enhance our knowledge to cover your solutions across the ever-growing ‘Tech Cake’.

Pricing Structure

B2B Marketing


Integrated Digital Marketing


Events Marketing

Email and Social Media Marketing

Channel Marketing

Test Marketing

Conversational AI Chatbot

End-to-end Outsourced Sales

from £2995

Sales Strategy and Plan Development

 Lead Generation and Qualification

Partner Ecosystem

CRM & Reports

Inside Sales for lead nurturing

In-person meetings

Proposals, Pitching and Negotiations

Account Management including Mining

Inbound and Outbound Leadgen

from £1995

Target List

Web Traffic – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC)

 Content Marketing and Call to Action (CTA)

Account Based Marketing

Lead Qualification

 Appointment Scheduling

CRM upload

Conversational AI Chatbot



Frequently Asked Questions

We reduce 30% of your Sales cost; we reduce 50% of your risk of investment in Sales; We share the risk of Revenue realisation with you.

  • We offer various packages for targeted results – For Effective Digital Marketing; Lead generation; and the complete End2end Sales services. The details of our services under each of these packages are listed on our website – under the Services pages.
  • Please ensure you have a budget for doing these services.

We take the risk along with you in achieving results for all the services we provide. So our fee structure is divided into two parts. For example, for end2end sales:

  • We charge a Commitment fee for the Leadgen, Account-based Marketing, Lead nurturing and closing of the deal.
  • We charge a Success fee for Account management, involving weekly/monthly review meetings and acting as a bridge between the client and your team.

Not really, we do not send timesheets and charge; Commitment fee is based on our deliverables – for example the number of leads and proposals promised.

Yes, most of the players are lead generators. We offer end-to-end sales services, right from Demand-gen, Lead-gen, Lead nurturing, Closing deals, and managing the Client accounts. This requires a team of experts in Market research, Digital Marketing, Inside sales, Field sales – this is a rare find in one agency.

Many a time we help IT companies in Setting up the Sales Engine and a process to get predictable revenues,  Market entry services and Investments – from Institutional and Angel investors

Commitment fee is a % of the target revenue; Success fee is a % of the realised revenue after you successfully deliver to the client. We determine the exact % at the end of our Discovery workshop.

We are proud to have a multi-ethnic team from UK, Europe, Middle East, India and USA who are locals to those countries and can carry your name in the respective markets.

Currently our Associates have worked in markets such as Financial Services, Banks, Insurance, Manufacturing, Distribution, eCommerce, and Technology.

Yes, we offer Sales acceleration services in which our team will work as part of your team. There are a number of ways we engage in the overall growth. We may take up a new territory to penetrate or add to your existing team to increase the reach out.  Sometimes you may want to test a new product line or service line. Without disturbing your existing sales team’s work, we will be engaged to penetrate the market with this new product/service line.

  • Yes, almost.  See, Small and Medium-sized companies and Scale-ups find it difficult to attract experienced talents. RVA’s experienced Sales and Marketing team can hit the market running – reducing the GTM time.
  • Mid-size and large firms come to us when they fall short of reaching their targets; They also use us to test a new market or test the acceptability of a new product or solution they introduce in the market.

So, I would say any company that wants to grow organically can engage RVA.

  • We have worked for IT services firms, selling software development services, testing services, and consulting services in Cybersecurity, Analytics, AI etc.
  • We have worked with IT products implementation and support services firms working in ERP (MS Dynamics, SAP, BPCS, INFOR, ORACLE) and CRM (Salesforce, MS CRM).
  • We have also worked with product firms FieldPower (Service Management), Phoenix(Insurance Policy Admin), Engagely.ai (AI Conversational Agents), Leadoo (Leadgen BOTS),

Diligent and process based working to build strong pipeline and teamwork of our associates.

  • We specialise in Technology. So, IT companies with a product, solution or service and a revenue base of over 2m $ are all our prospective customers. Of course, they should have a budget of $10K p.a for inbound leadgen and about $25K for Sales outsourcing services
  • Some of our success stories are with firms such as Exponea (eCommerce recommendation engine), Qartrock (Testing), Mindquad (Dynamics NAV), Indusa (Dynamics 365), ECSC (Cybersec consulting), FieldPower (Service Management), eINS tech (Insurance portal), Engagley.ai(AI BOTS), QApitol (Testing), Anodas Phoenix (Insurance Policy Admin), eKomi(eCommerce), DocNoc (Healthtech), Argusoft (Health & Social care), ITTI (SAP, Salesforce, INFOR), Exponentia (Qliksense), Q Associates (MS reseller), Tevel Cyber (Cybersec training), Leadoo (Leadgen BOTS), Redpanda (Retail middleware), Anoor Cloud (CX conversational video).

Yes, we do a Validation service or Test marketing. This helps you test the market acceptability for your product or service and fine-tune the price of your solution/service.