eCommerce Recommendation Engine Provider

Sales Task: Leadgen and Digital Marketing for an Eastern European product in Northern Europe

Challenge: New brand; High competition; Language issues for customer support

Solution:Conducted workshops; Built brand awareness by presenting in Marketing and eCommerce events; Targeted Account Based Marketing

Benefit: In a short time, we could ramp up many leads for this product. As it was a SAAS product, customers could signup online and download.

Specialist Digital Transformation Firm

Sales Task: Identify customers using legacy ERPs and offer migration and Digital services

Challenge: Search for installations in need of replacement or maintenance support.Persuade the customer to move to modern ERPs that are cloud-based with multi-device access.

Solution:Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Content Marketing to attract the attention of top decision makers. Planning, design and hosting of webinars to explain the methodology and process for migration.

Benefit: 3 new clients. 2 Long term off-shore support contracts.

Healthtech Startup

Sales Task:Test Marketing within Greater London

Challenge: Start-up with a new concept; uncharted territory; Not experienced in B2B sales

Solution: Identified B2B sales possibilities in various Industry verticals. Conducted Test Marketing and Selling exercise to understand Market expectations, price points, and gap in the services offered by other vendors.

Benefit:Pricing Strategy creation backed by Market research. Signed up 2 Channel partners.   

MS ERP implementation specialist

Sales Task: Market entry in to UK for a SME from USA

Challenge: No UK references; Correction needed in their delivery model for UK;

Solution: Created brand awareness in key MS events; Acquired 3 new clients for ERP maintenance; Signed up with SI for global ERP roll-outs;

Benefit: Acquired two new logos. Long term Technical support contracts

Insurance ISV

Sales Task: Implement Sales Process and Procedure and create a new Sales & Marketing team

Challenge: Product built on legacy technology. Large maintenance overheads. Not multi-lingual. No Sales

Solution: Identify best practices; Train the sales & marketing teams in standard conventions and tools; Work with the team for compliance and improvement of the process. Advised to build Web/Mobile extensions to improve user interface.

Benefit:Increased clarity on roles & commitment by members of Sales, Presales, Technical teams; Predictable revenue stream established. Revenue Doubled year on year.

Customer Data Platform provider

Sales Task: Lead generation for first level presales pitching

Challenge: High competition; Language issues; high entry barriers 

Solution: ABM campaigns for Retail firms that have huge eShop visitors.  Inside sales for presales pitching calls.

Benefit: Customer got early wins in the UK and North Europe market. Established their own operation in UK.

Conversational AI Chatbot Platform vendor

Sales Task: Create new business for this trending tech in UK

Challenge: Tech in WIP mode; Market fluid as RPA and BOTS are merging; Lots of vendors; Challenges in language interpretation and human-like conversation.

Solution: Performed SWOT analysis on the platform and identified 2 verticals (FSI and Utilities) to focus on. Established SI, Consulting firms and ISVs as channel partners. Worked with them to identify new upselling opportunities from their existing clients. Conducted Workshops and Webinar to identify new end-user customers. Implemented Customer service BOTS to take care of Customer FAQs, Customer on-boarding (validation) and Customer personal verifications before placing them with human agents. BOTS channels through Whatsapp, FB messenger and Amazon Polly.

Benefit: Signed up in 6 months 2 ISVs and a FS POC from a steady pipeline of 10 leads.

Cybersecurity Services provider

Sales Task: Sales strategy, Pricing and Planning preparation 

Challenge: Analyse the Asian market and entry barriers; identify service offering and pricing.

Solution: Participate in major events, research market potential and expectations 

Benefit:RVA helped the customer get necessary venture investments based on the ground work and research.

Cloud Migration and Intelligent Chatbots vendor

Sales Task: Test-marketing for a mid-size software firm

Challenge: Understand the market and get the service offering ready for UK market

Solution:Engage prospects to understand their expectations; Analyse existing vendors

Benefit: Vendor prepared their services and pricing structure to suit UK market

System Integrator

Sales Task: Acquire new logos in Managed services and Analytics

Challenge: Tough competition; No certified professionals; No UK references

Solution: Tools specific centre of excellence created (Azure and Qlik). Played on their strength in ERP and RIM services. Conducted targeted campaign in Retail vertical.

Benefit: Acquired two new logos. Long term Technical support contracts

Field Service ISV

Sales Task: Product launch in UK & Europe

Challenge: Large established players. Evolving solution. Maturing industry. Struggles with new technology adoption and changing user expectations.

Solution: Study competition & identify our product’s key differentiators. Appropriate pricing and solutioning after studying existing players in the market. Assisted in Localisation for Europe. Established Sales Channel for 3 European countries. Conducted Roadshows and exhibited in Industry specific events.

Benefit: New accounts in the UK and 4 European countries. Signed up Product licenses and long running support contracts resulting in steady revenue from UK & EU markets.

Third Party Testing Service Provider

Sales Task: Testing services from a near-shore facility for ISVs in Northern Europe

Challenge: High competition; difficult to cut out the USP; Language issues

Solution: Identified early stage SME ISVs that need quick turn-around in getting their products checked for Quality. Established a process for Product Release management with Quality as its core value.

Benefit: Customer outsourced Quality management and focused in improving the Product functionality and features.

Introducing our product from USA to UK and Europe was a big decision. I am glad for Chandra and his team’s incredible work to get us to talk to many mid-size players in telecom and utility sectors over 18 months. Their diligent support brought 3 new logos.

Neil Murphy

VP Global Sales, Fieldpower Inc., USA

I am pleased with the Cybersecurity Training Franchise opportunities brought in by RVA in a short time from UK, Singapore and Indonesia

Harish Ramani

CEO Tevelcyber, Chennai, India

Test Marketing exercise for our product in the UK market was a novel suggestion given by RVA. It opened our eyes in many ways. We realised the features, price-points and localization required by the target prospects. Also we learnt about the competitors in that market

Vish Vishi

CEO Anoorcloud, Chicago, USA